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Thala Diwali or Thalai Diwali – Tamil Nadu Special for Newlyweds

Thala Diwali or Thalai Diwali – Tamil Nadu Special for Newlyweds:

Diwali or we say Deepavali you know that it’s known “the festival of light and happiness”. Or In Tamil Nadu the first day of Diwali known as Thala Diwali or Thalai Diwali. Mostly Newlyweds couple celebrate this Thala Diwali or Thalai Diwali. Or this Thala Diwali or Thalai Diwali is celebrated because “First Diwali of both personal as a husband-wife”. So this is all the things about Thala Diwali or Thalai DiwaliSo in this blog we are going to cover Thala Diwali or Thalai Diwali – Tamil Nadu Special for Newlyweds.

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The crowd pushed you into the store, and as soon as the purchase is over, the same crowd throws us out. Pothys, RmKv, Nalli, Chennai Silks and Kumaran are the prestigious spots, and the son-in-law will accept nothing less than that. It is the most revered custom in the Tamil communities. It is considered part of the endowment, according to the Tamil custom. In the pooja room, flowers, betel leaves, betel nuts, bananas, sandal paste, cumin oil, turmeric powder, gumbo powder, crackers and new dresses are placed for the god. Nagar. A father-in-law complains about it: If the father-in-law is alone, it is fine, but some sisters-in-law and their parents receive great gifts from their families, for the middle class it is a big headache. The parents of the bride prepare blood colour liquid by mixing kumkum with oil, and then they place it in a white pumpkin, camphor is placed on it. So this is the preparation details for Thalai Diwali or Thala Diwali Pooja.


The day before, the house is cleaned, decorated with Rangoli Kolams coloured with red oxide mixture called Kaavi, the sweets such as Muruku, Abraham, Seedai, Tattai, Gulab Jamoons, etc. are prepared, the new dresses and jewellery for the Groom and the bride are purchased. The bride’s parents, along with the bride and groom pray for the couple happy longevity and present them with the new dresses and ornaments.

Happy Diwali 2018

Happy Diwali 2018

After the bath, the bride and groom attend the pooja organized by the bride’s parents.


Later, sons-in-law started to demand expensive gifts like two-wheeler etc. and it gradually became a tradition. The first Deepavali celebrated by the couple after the marriage is called the “Thala Deepavali”. The Thala Deepavali is the unique custom of Tamil Nadu. Then the couple gets a “Laygiyam” (a medicinal preparation). The sweets are then generously distributed and consumed. The kings head and the kumkum oil mixture represent the blood of the demon. It is to be believed that by breaking the pumpkin is similar to that of the Lord Krishnan break and smash the head of the evil demon. On the occasion of Thala Deepavali, the bridegroom visits the in-laws with the bride. The young couples spend their quality time with their in-laws on the opening of the Thala Deepavali and it offers the parents of the bride a chance to get to know his son-in-law better. The pumpkin represents the demons. Here the Tamil word “Thala” can roughly be translated as “the head or the first“, which brings meaning and the importance of Thala Deepavali in Tamil Nadu to the fore.

Happy Diwali 2018

Happy Diwali 2018

The Thalai Deepavali, despite all the negative aspects, contributes to the fun and the dhamaka and is remembered for many years by the couple!. On the day of the Thala Deepavali, the couple comes before the sunrise and takes the oil bath with the help of the sandalwood paste and Sakai paste. After returning from the temple a couple of times, they get a big banquet from the bride’s parents, and if the bride does well to make the family, they present their son-in-law with a new motorcycle, car or even a house. In the evening of the party, the couples cracked crackers and enjoyed the fireworks together with their relatives and decorated inside and outside the house with row-lit diyas called “Agal vilakku” in the Tamil.


The newlywed couples of Tamil Nadu enjoy the Thala Deepavali with high-level enthusiasm because it is considered a once in a lifetime event.


To top it all, they were asked a question where Sri Rama celebrated his first Deepavali (Thalai Deepavali or Thala Diwali) after his marriage to Sita. It was in Ayodhya or Mithila, the kingdom of his father-in-law Janakar. The extra costs cover a good tiffin and coffee at Saravana Bhavan!

thali diwali

It is not necessary to walk inside. The parents put the camphor on and turn the pumpkin around the heads of the newly married couple and then the pumpkin is broken, the mixture is placed on the foreheads of the pair as a tilak. The couples then visit the nearby temple, sometimes the parents of the bridegroom, brothers and sisters also accompany them at the celebration. The newly married couple after wearing the new dresses (Bride is silk saree and Bride in silk waste) seeks the blessings by gently touching the feet of the bride’s parents. The poor public goes for the “Saravana” brand.

In Chennai, the tradition extends to buying dresses at T. The victory of good on evil. Some said Ayodhya, and others said Mithila.


In Tamil Nadu, the Deepavali festival is celebrated in the “Naraka Chaturdasi” things of the Tamil month Aipasi (Thula month) before the Amavasai (New Moon Day).


But the answer was not because there was no Deepavali during that age, they say because it was Lord Krishna who killed Narakasura and that was why Deepavali is celebrated. this? Why do the parents of the bridegrooms have nothing to do with their daughter in public??


On the other hand, I hear a son-in-law who says: ‘I was unlucky‘. That most non-demanding parents, on the one hand, had the most non-gifted in-laws on the other.

The newlyweds are then pampered and showered by the bride’s family members with gifts called “Seer varies“. It’s thought of as part of the dowry, as stated by the Tamil habit. After few returns from the temple they’ll be supplied a fantastic feast from the Bride’s parents and when the brides are of well to do family, they introduce their child in law using a brand new bike, automobile or even home. The candies are subsequently distributed and consumed liberally. At the day of this party, the couples burst crackers and revel in the aerial fireworks together with their family and burnt inside and outside of the house using a row of lighted diyas known as”Agal vilakku” in Tamil.

The newly married couples of Tamil Nadu like the Thala Deepavali with high-level enthusiasm since it’s thought of as in a lifetime occasion. The youthful couples spend their time with their in-laws about the event of their Thala Deepavali plus it functions a chance for the bride to understand his child in law greater.



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